SamsRemoty -Samsung Remote Control

SamsRemoty -Samsung Remote Control for Android

SamsRemoty is for Samsung Smart TVs after 2016 with the new Tizen OS.
Support for older Samsung Smart TVs will come in the future.

SamsRemoty allows you to control your Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS over the local network (Wifi). But NOT over infrared (IR)!

This is a Beta Version! Right now only Samsung TVs after 2018 with the Tizen OS are supported.

You can help to make this app better!
In the category Support you can send me information, if SamsRemoty is working with your TV or not. Maybe some Buttons are not working or somthing else.
Then you can send me a Report. That would me help to make this Samsung Remote Control App better!

The App has multilanguage supprt for the following languages:

working TVs (confirmed):

Please when Samsremoty is working with your TV Model then give me a hint!!
You can send me a hint in the category Support in my App.

This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung Group. Samsung is a trademark of Samsung Group.

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