Q Remote Installation Guide

Q Remote -Installation Guide

Install the Q Remote from the Play Store. Then start the app and go to Settings.
Now search for your Sky Box. It should automatically find the IP.
If not, please check if you are on the same local network.
Your LAN and WiFi may be in separate networks.
This can be configured in your router.

A simple check whether you are on the same network is:
Compare the IP of your SkyBox (the IP can be viewed e.g. in the network menu of your Sky Receiver)
with the IP of your smartphone. (You can also see this in the network settings of your smartphone)

Usually the address should be identical up to the last block (the numbers up to the last point). (with a sub-net mask of
If not, be sure to check your routers settings.

If Q Remote find the IP from your Sky box, then you are good to go!

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